BNC Plug Twist On

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Millimeter Wave Connector

Millimeter Wave Connector

In order to meet the requirements of the latest generation of communication equipment, millimeter wave connectors have been designed with extremely high speed data transmission and very low loss characteristics.

Low PIM Connector

Low PIM Connector

Low return loss and low IMD connectors to meet the higher frequency requirements of today's market!


BNC Plug Twist On | RF Connector Manufacturer - YIN SHENG

YIN SHENG TECHNOLOGY. CO., LTD. is one of the prime BNC Plug Twist On | RF connector manufacturers since 1990.

YIN SHENG is capable of manufacturing RF connectors which are microwave and millimeter wave RoHS & REACH compliant, and ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.

RF connectors sold over 60 countries and 600 business partners, YIN SHENG has been offering customers high-quality coaxial cable connectors and RF connectors conducted by over 100 high precision CNC lathes, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, YIN SHENG ensures each customer's demands are met.

BNC Plug Twist On


BNC plug twist-on connector is the most easy way for combining cable. After cable is stripped to recommanded dimensions, insert and twist cable into connector and it is done.


Frequency Range0-4 GHz0-1 GHz
Working Voltage500 VRMS max.500 VRMS max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage1500 VRMS min1500 VRMS min
VSWRStraight1.3 max1.3 max
Right Angle1.5 max1.5 max
Contact ResistanceCenter Contact3 Milliohms Max3 Milliohms Max.
Outer Contact2 Milliohms Max2 Milliohms Max.
Insulator Resistance5000 Megohms min.5000 Megohms min.
Parts NameMaterialFinish
Body, Metal PartsBrass per QQ-B-626Nickel plated
Center ContactsPlug: Brass per QQ-B-626Gold or Silver per requirement
 Jack: Beryllium copper per QQ-C-530 or Phosphor Bronze per QQ-B-750 or Brass per QQ-B-626Gold or Silver per requirement
InsulatorsTeflon, Delrin, PBT polyesterNone
Crimp FerrulesAnnealed copperNickel or Silver per requirement
Clamp GasketsSilicone rubber, Synthetic rubberNone

NOTE : Other Material/Finish is Available on Request.

Mechanical & Environmental
Engagement Force2.5 in-lbs. max. torque
Disengagement Force3 lbs. max. axial force
Coupling Nut Retention100 lbs. min.
Contact Retention6 lbs. min.
Durability (Mating)500 cycles min.(for Beryllium copper Jack contact only)
Temperature Range-65℃ to 165℃
VibrationMIL-STD-202 Method 204 Test Cond.B.
Salt SprayMIL-STD-202 Method 101 Test Cond.B.
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-202 Method 107 Test Cond.B.
Cable Assembly Instructions-Twist-On
cable instructions-crimp
STEP 1.All parts of the connector are shown.
STEP 2.Strip the cable inner conductor, dielectric, braid, and jacket as per
STEP 3.Twist braid in a clockwise direction so that at least 0.8mm of dielectric is bared, and braid is left flat.
STEP 4.Insert inner conductor into the back end of connector gently, and feed it into the guide hole.
STEP 5.Push and screw the connector onto cable in a clockwise direction until it stops.
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